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    DONNATELA – MONACO ESCORTS Data We Can All Learn From

    Elite escort Donnatela is a true gem! Everybody loves her company and spending time with her. “Go West” used to be the advice given to adventurous men. Not anymore; from the west (south-west to be geographically exact) comes Donnatela, a vision of perfection, with all the shapely curves and long-haired sensuality that the Venezuelan girl seems to have so naturally. Donatella is great fun to be with, chatty, very friendly, a bubbly girl whose company everybody enjoys. She has a great sense of humor, and she also equally happy to visit you in central Monaco or whatever you like. She does have a great range of interesting clothes and lingerie and her favorite brands are: La Senza, Intimissimi, and Balmain, Her favorite perfume is Chloe-New for women. We told her that she probably does not need to keep that skill in great practice…. AGENCY OPENING HOURS: MONDAY-SUNDAY: 9 am to 4 am