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    PAISA – Intense MONACO ESCORTS – Blessing Or A Curse

    Delightful escort in Monaco Paisa is the greatest choice to spend an amazing time. This girl loves high fashion as most of our ladies her favorite brand is Chacharel and as a perfume, her choice is Gucci-Gucci Premiere. A true Mexican rose is our lovely Paisa. Long hair cascading down her shapely shoulders; smoldering eyes, the most beautiful of smiles, stunning looks, wonderful curves. But unlike the rose, she does not fade, her beauty does not droop away, and she will bloom for you in all weathers and seasons. And unlike a rose, she is funny and loves to chat, and there is no need for you to worry about thorns and prickles. She flowers in a beautiful bed in central Monaco. No gardening experience or flower arranging training required. Gentlemen, for a fun and friendly experience, Paisa is a wonderful choice. AGENCY OPENING HOURS: MONDAY-SUNDAY: 9 am to 4 am