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    YAMAL – Cool Little MONACO ESCORTS Tool

    The thing to remember about Yamal is that she will never embarrass you. That’s one of the advantages of escorts. Monaco escorts are all trained professional entertainers, and that gives them an advantage over “non-professional” or “amateur” girls, the kind of “normal” girls you might date in your personal life.
    “I’m trained to be able to conduct myself properly no matter what the situation,” she says. “You never have to worry that I will embarrass you. When we go out, my job is to make you look good. If that means staying quiet and blending into the background, that’s what I’ll do. If instead, it means taking the initiative and being more chatty, I can do that too. And if you just want me to look beautiful and impress the people around us with what a player you are, well, that’s my specialty. As long as I know ahead of time what kind of event we’re going to, and just how sexy you want me to present myself, then I can tailor my outfit to just what you’ll need. It’s all part of the fun, as far as I’m concerned.”

    Yamal also enjoys the problem-solving aspects of being a Monaco escort. “They screen us for the ability to use our imaginations and for leadership,” she explains, “because we’ve got to be able to take charge when things don’t go properly. On any given date there are going to be factors outside of your control. It’s not the client’s job to solve those things. No, it’s my job to make sure he goes home happy and everything is as smooth as possible. And if something isn’t right, I have to fix it. So it’s a lot of fun to be able to learn, adapt, and solve new problems.”